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Liz Mattson



Phone: 206-292-2850

Liz Mattson is the Deputy Director for Hanford Challenge. She has worked closely with Hanford workers to address safety and health problems they are facing, particularly from chemical vapors in the tank farms. She meets with state regulatory agencies and site management to influence their approach to safety issues and their response to injured workers with a goal of having workers’ experience respectfully acknowledged and addressed.

Liz is very active on the Hanford Advisory Board (HAB) where she is the chair of the Public Involvement and Communications Committee, encouraging a more strategic approach to public involvement at Hanford. Liz is also involved on the River and Plateau and Tank Waste Committees of the HAB.

Liz helped launch Inheriting Hanford, a regional Hanford mentorship community, empowering young people to become dynamic participants in Hanford cleanup.

She is a strong advocate of working collaboratively to address the problems posed by Hanford. Dealing with decades of contamination will require an intergenerational, multi-stakeholder approach. By building relationships, encouraging openness and trust and working to understand divergent points of view, the broader community of stakeholders will be better equipped to confront the uncertainties and challenges that face remediation efforts.