Don't let the Department of Energy Reclassify Hanford's High-Level Waste.

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from abandoning High-level nuclear waste at Hanford.

Dear U.S. Department of Energy, 

I am concerned about the proposal to reclassify the remaining high-level nuclear waste in the C Farm tanks to “low-level” waste. This represents a move to permanently leave an estimated 4% of waste, or 62,900 gallons, in Hanford’s C Tank Farm, with cement grout added to the tanks. USDOE estimates that 1/2 million curies of radioactivity will be left in the tanks. This process has the potential to set precedent for how much waste is left behind in all of its 177 tanks, yet the USDOE is not planning to hold public hearings on this important proposal. Regional public hearings are a necessary step in ensuring adequate and meaningful public comments are solicited and collected. The technical nature and complexity of this process necessitates clear and comprehensive public discussion and evaluation, which is best accomplished in person in public hearings around the region. I specifically request that the USDOE: *
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  • Communicate with your representatives in Congress and at the state level and let them know what you think about DOE’s plan to abandon untreated high-level nuclear waste in Hanford tanks.

  • Send Comments on the Draft WIR Evaluation via email at by Sept. 7, 2018, or mail to:

Mr. Jan Bovier
U.S. Department of Energy Office of River Protection
P.O. Box 450, MSIN H6-60
Richland, WA 99354

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