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To create a future for the Hanford Nuclear Site that

secures human health and safety,

advances accountability,

and promotes a sustainable environmental legacy.

Our Values: Integrity, collaboration, innovation, empowerment, effectiveness & fun.

We work to hold Hanford accountable. We do this by protecting whistleblowers, promoting discovery of common ground among traditional opponents, conducting environmental sampling, and generating creative resolutions and collaborative opportunities for improving the cleanup. Our goal for Hanford is a site that performs its cleanup obligations in a transparent, efficient, creative manner at a reasonable cost to the taxpayer and in a fashion that protects health and safety, the environment, and future generations.

Hanford Challenge works closely with concerned employees, insiders, retired employees, and whistleblowers to assure that their voices can be safely heard within the Department of Energy and contractor communities. We conduct investigations and create public and private venues for disclosure and discussion. We use dialogue when possible to resolve conflict, and litigation when less contentious methods fail.

We provide unique services for Hanford workers who are ill or injured and employees who have raised concerns and are suffering reprisals. We conduct outreach with Congressional offices for legislative oversight at Hanford, including testifying in hearings on safety and retaliation issues and assisting with legislative language to better protect workers. We provide agency oversight and conduct media campaigns which have led to numerous government reports and changes in cleanup policy.  We lead and participate in collaborative problem-solving efforts through the Hanford Advisory Board and Hanford Forum for Shared Conversation. We also conduct education and outreach to raise awareness and spur action. When funding allows, we conduct environmental sampling to monitor for radioactive and chemical contamination and work with Tri-Party agencies to address our findings. 

All of this work serves our mission: to help create a future for Hanford that secures human health and safety, advances accountability, and promotes a sustainable environmental legacy for the Tri-Cities, Pacific Northwest and beyond.