Press Release: Hanford whistleblowers win trial

September 19, 2016: Two Hanford nuclear site whistleblowers were vindicated in a strongly-worded court decision released today, with the judge directing a Hanford contractor to pay $216,080 in back pay and compensatory damages, before interest and attorney fees and costs.

In his decision, Judge Larsen characterized some of CSC’s arguments as “an astonishing display of chutzpah,” “evidentiary hash” and “not convincing.” 

Mr. Clem and Mr. Spencer are both represented by Hanford Challenge Staff Attorney Nikolas Peterson and outside counsel Stephani Ayers. Mr. Peterson said, “Hanford Challenge is proud to represent ethical employees like Kirt and Matt, and trust that this case will send a message to Hanford employers that retaliating against employees who raise safety, health, and other concerns is illegal and expensive.”

Find the entire press release here.



$125 Million

In November 2016, Walt Tamosaitis, Donna Busche, and Gary Brunson settled a False Claims Act lawsuit they brought in federal court on behalf of the US government, charging two Hanford contractors with fraud, nuclear safety violations, and malfeasance. The two contractors, Bechtel and AECOM, agreed to pay $125 million to the federal government to settle the claims. This was a huge win for Walt, Donna, and Gary and an even bigger win for US taxpayers.

Their collective evidence and voices, which Hanford Challenge helped coordinate and amplify, led to the suspension of a dangerously designed and constructed nuclear faciltiy. The good news is that the problems they identified are being fixed, and a much safer and more effective plant will emerge because of their courage.

Our work on behalf of the Waste Treatment Plant whistleblowers is just one example of the many projects we have successfully brought to fruition in our nine years of operation. Join us in our fight to make sure that Hanford's tank waste is treated in a system that works.


Annual Auction And Gala: March 3, 2017

Join Hanford Challenge on March 3, 2017 at our annual auction and gala at FareStart's Pacific Tower location which will highlight our ten year legacy of successful advocacy and environmental protection. Enjoy delicious food and beverages with views high above Seattle waterfront and the entertaining performance of our well known auctioneer, Matt Smith.

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