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Though Hanford is one of the biggest and most contaminated nuclear sites, it is just one of many found across the globe.  Nuclear weapons production sites in former Soviet Union pose even greater challenges to environmental cleanup and public involvement.  Nuclear power production and spent fuel reprocessing (the technology that created the worst waste at Hanford) are active throughout the Europe and Russia.  Click here to take a tour of some of the world’s nuclear deserts.

Chernobyl 25 Years Later: Lessons Learned?

Chernobyl 25 years and 1,000,000 deaths later. from Beth Sanders on Vimeo.  Click here to see Dr. Yablokov’s Presentation Chernobyl 25 years Later: Lessons Learned?

Interested in learning more about Chernobyl & Dr. Yablokov’s findings that it has been the cause of 1,000,000 fatalities?  Click here for a half-hour interview with Dr. Yablokov by Mike McCormick of Talkingstick TV.

The International Hearings Campaign – Global Nuclear Legacy Project

Click image to get the Global Nuclear Legacy Project Report.

Hanford Challenge is partnering with the Movement for Nuclear Safety, the Government Accountability Project, the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, and the Bellona Environmental Rights Center to coordinate hearings in three major European, American, and Russian cities to inform the world’s people and politicians of the lessons learned over the past seven decades, stop the unexamined proliferation of the nuclear industry, and promote a new path forward.

Read: Understanding the Impacts of the Nuclear Age, which details the purpose and objectives of the GNLP, as well as introducing some of the people involved.

Objectives of the International Hearings Campaign

  • Advocate for improved nuclear safety by increasing awareness of the legacies of the nuclear age to establish public policies that are protective of human health and the environment and carried out in an open, inclusive manner
  • Increase coordination between American, European, and Russian organizations concerned about nuclear safety, disarmament, waste disposal, whistleblower rights, and the resurgence of nuclear industries
  • Lay the foundation for legislation to protect whistleblowers by exposing the nuclear industry’s culture of cover-ups, environmental abuse, and persecution of the men and women who report wrongdoing
  • Stop the unexamined proliferation of the nuclear industry


The participants in this project have a long, fruitful history of international exchange, collaboration, and friendship going back to the early 1990s.

  • Our Mission

    To help create a future for Hanford that secures human health and safety, advances accountability, and promotes a sustainable environmental legacy.

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