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November 2011 Hanford Advisory Board Meeting

Hanford Challenge is an active member of the Hanford Advisory Board which creates advice for the Department of Energy, the WA Department of Ecology and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Hanford Challenge holds a Hanford Work Force seat on the Board.  Tom Carpenter, Liz Mattson and Al Boldt are active participants for the Hanford Challenge seat, attending meetings and helping to create policy-level advice on a variety of issues including health and safety, public participation and technical challenges. They are active on the Health Safety and Environmental Protection Committee, the Public Involvement and Communications Committee, the River and Plateau Committee, and the Tank Waste Committee.  Liz Mattson is the Vice Chair of the Public Involvement and Communications Committee.

All Hanford Advisory Board meetings are open to the public. Please email lizm@hanfordchallenge.org if you are interested in attending. The meeting schedule can be found here.

Hanford Advisory Board Advice

The HAB accomplishes work through committees that focus on different aspects of Hanford remediation.  Advice starts in committees and is brought to the full board to be ushered through a consensus process, during which it may be adopted by the HAB, or sent back to the committee for further development and discussion.

What is the Hanford Advisory Board?

The Hanford Advisory Board is an independent, non-partisan, and broadly representative body consisting of a balanced mix of the diverse interests that are affected by Hanford cleanup issues. As set forth in its charter, the primary mission of the Board is to provide informed recommendations and advice to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) on selected major policy issues related to the cleanup of the Hanford site.

The goal of the Board is to develop consensus policy recommendations and advice. When this is not possible, the Board will convey its recommendations and advice in a manner that communicates the points of view expressed by all Board members.

The Board is intended to be an integral component for some Hanford tribal and general public involvement activities, but not to be the sole conduit for those activities. The Board assists the agencies in focusing public involvement and make efficient use of Board member’s time and energy. Through its open public meetings, advice on agency public involvement activities, and the responsibilities of Board members to communicate with their constituencies, the Board assists the broader public in becoming more informed and meaningfully involved in Hanford cleanup decisions.

The above content “What is the Hanford Advisory Board?” can also be found on the Hanford Advisory Board website.

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