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July 2011 Hanford Challenge Ice Cream Event in Volunteer Park. Photo courtesy of JJ Stein.

Hanford 101
Your perspective matters. A comprehensive cleanup of Hanford will not happen without public support and input. We need an informed public to weigh in on proposals and decisions being made about how and when Hanford remediation efforts will happen.

The process of how the public is involved plays a huge role in the quality of that involvement.

*Public involvement is successful when: clear goals are defined; stakeholders contribute early to the design and development of public involvement; involvement is interactive, inclusive, engaging and respectful; the public has early input influencing the decision-making process; the decision-makers demonstrate openness to having input influence their decisions and the decision-making process; and the public sees meaningful results from participation.

Public involvement should include:

  • Tailoring information to be understandable at all levels of knowledge to diverse audiences with varying levels of education and language or cultural differences;
  • Collecting values and input from diverse perspectives and different levels of knowledge;
  • Providing both educational and interactive public involvement activities;
  • Communicating openly about how public values could be impacted by proposed actions and how public values influence decisions;
  • Ensuring government agencies are open and accountable to the public.

*See Hanford Advisory Board advice #239 on a strategic approach to public involvement.

Ways to Get Involved

Weigh in During Public Comment Periods

Decisions at Hanford are made through a complex investigation and documentation process through which proposed remediation actions are evaluated and assessed.  The final decision on which remediation action will be chosen is called a Record of Decision or a ROD.  During the decision making process, the public is given a chance to comment on the proposed cleanup actions, called public comment periods.  Check out our Say What? page for guides to current comment periods.  Public Comment Periods are also listed on the Department of Energy’s Hanford website.  Look for the calendar at the bottom right on the home page which lists current comment periods and links to documents and fact sheets.

Hanford Challenge sends email updates during important comment periods to help explain the issues under discussion. Sign up for our mailing list to receive these updates.

Attend Meetings

There are a variety of meetings, initiated by public interest groups like ours, and by the Department of Energy, the WA Department of Ecology and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Meetings are held throughout the year for educational outreach purposes, giving updates on Hanford remediation efforts and for soliciting public input on remediation decisions.

By attending meetings, you have the opportunity to ask questions, increase your understanding of the issues and weigh in on what kind of future you want for the Hanford site.

Host a Movie Night

There are a variety of films about Hanford, the Manhattan Project, and nuclear waste issues. Invite some friends over to watch a film and learn more about our nations nuclear waste legacy.  Contact if you are interested in having someone from Hanford Challenge come to your movie night to share information and answer questions. Check out our resource center page for movie suggestions.

Host a House Party

Everyone likes parties. Hanford Challenge is eager to share information and cultivate an informed public in the Northwest to weigh in on Hanford’s remediation.  We would be happy to work with you to set up a house party in which we can come and create a presentation tailored to your group of friends about Hanford. Contact if you are interested in this opportunity.


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