hanford challenge v. U.S. Department of energy - Legal Filings:


  • Hanford Tank Vapor Assessment Report | October 30, 2014
  • Chronology Regarding Hanford High-Level Radioactive Waste Tank Vapor Exposures | December 29, 2015
  • Independent Review Panel Report on Chemical Industrial Hygiene Strategy | September 2010
  • The United States Department of Energy Office of River Protection Tank Operations Contractor Industrial Hygiene Phase II Program Implementation Assessment | September 2009
  • The Industrial Hygiene Chemical Vapor Technical Basis Review | June 2008 
  • Systemic Injustice: Hanford's Workers' Compensation Program
  • NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Report | July 2004
  • Investigation of Worker Vapor Exposure and Occupational Medicine Program Allegations at the Hanford Site | April 2004
  • Health Risk Assessment for Short- and Long-term Worker Inhalation Exposure to Vapor-phase Chemicals from Single-shell Tank 241-C-103 | March 1997
  • Independent Technical Review of the Hanford Tank Farms | July 1992
  • Type B Investigation of Hanford Tank Farms Vapor Exposures | April 1992

Additional Documents:

  • Health Risks to Workers Exposed to Toxic Tank Vapors at Hanford's High-Level Waste Tanks: An Overview of Issues | Timothy T Jarvis, Ph.D., June 2004
  • 2005-2009 Tank or Tank Farm where source air samples showed chemicals of potential concern above 50% of the occupational exposure limit. All the chemicals detected can potentially have chronic health effects 
  • Chemicals of Potential Concern